The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. 

– Alan Watts

Star’s Jewelry Creations

Back in the day when I first started   creating jewelry, I used the name ‘Star’ instead of Beth. Star was my nickname taken from the actress, Jami Gertz, in the movie, The Lost Boys.

Star sounded so much more exciting than Beth, and of course, a star symbol works better than the Hebrew’s beth symbol.

Jewelry Creations from the Heart

As I got older, the star wasn’t as important to me, but I, of course, still wanted the Jewelry Creations and thus, the star became a heart. This made more sense anyways, you know?

JC Heart Designs

In 2011 when I went to sell my jewelry on Etsy, someone was using “Jewelry creations from the heart ” as their slogan. (Their slogan, mind you, not their business name!) And because of this, I wasn’t able to use this as my store name. Argh! doesn’t even come close to the feeling I felt. What am I going to use now as my business’s name?! 

So after some thought, and not really wanting to change my logo, yet again, I changed my business name to JC Heart Designs. (Plus my brother had already made my logo – he’s a graphic design artist.)

So, it began: JC Heart Designs – unique as you Jewelry Creations handmade with love!

JC Heart Designs (present day)

Fast forward to 2015 – I have been wondering if I should change my business name. To what? No clue. Why would I even consider changing the name? Because JC Heart Designs doesn’t specify my type of business. For all people know, I could be selling candles!

I could change my name back to Jewelry Creations from the Heart (Etsy allows one name change), but then I run into the same problem as before – I don’t just make jewelry. Then I thought, huh, I could change it to Jeweled Creations from the heart. But I run into another problem as ❤️ could mean heart or love. *sigh* 

Many people associate the JC for Jesus Christ which never even occurred to me although I’m Catholic. (Go figure!) 

So for one week, I wrote down lots and lots of words that are associated with what type of jewelry and other designs that I make. I also looked up adjectives and synonyms. Swapping words around, adding or subtracting adjectives… Back and forth, searching domain names and looking at the USPTO website (for trademarks, patents, and copyrights.) I came up with a lot of names; such as: 

  • Encompassed Jewel 
  • Hammered Ore Wired
  • Riveting Wire Designs 
  • Strung and Wired

But I wasn’t sure… I started questioning if I really wanted to do this? Do I want to throw away four years of work by trying to get JC Heart out there? I’d have to change EVERYTHING! I’d have to get a new email address, new business cards, new slogan, new logo, and update all of my accounts- Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Blogger, Google, etc. 

And then in the middle of the night, ‘it’ occurred to me that Jesus Christ is the sole reason I make the type of jewelry I create now! Oh my gosh!!! I was overwhelmed with joy when this thought was placed in my head. I immediately thanked God and prayed. 🙏

My brother made me a new logo – one more user friendly than the last one (and I must mention, he did tell me that the last logo wasn’t that great, but I was insistent!)

So in conclusion, my business name stays as: ❤️ JC Heart Designs – unique as you Jeweled Creations handmade with love!

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Thank you for reading my blog!